Happy Thanksgiving!

Come Celebrate God’s Blessings! Thanksgiving Sunday Worship, October 11th, 9:30 a.m., Church Parking Lot. All Welcome!!


SPECIAL NOTICE: it was decided by the Burford United Church Official Board to hold off re-opening the church until December 2020, at which time the question will be re-examined. Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, and the fact that many in the congregation are at a high risk category, we felt it was necessary to wait and err on the side of caution. For the time being there may be parking lot services, depending on the weather, and keeping in mind social distancing and the number of people who might attend. Otherwise, services will continue on Zoom, and all are welcome to join in. 

Please note: there will also be no bookings taken, or usual community activities in the church building during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience, but know you join with us in our desire to keep everyone safe.


From the Chair of the Board, submitted by Sandy James

Each day I ask myself how I was supposed to sort out what we should do next. When I face questions of this kind, I need to get my arms around God’s wisdom. God doesn’t mind our questions when we come to him with a seeking heart. God is bigger than any question I can ask and often he gives me the answer I seek in his Word.

As we try to proceed with the next step in re-opening the church, I find myself questioning is it the right time. I hear of Covid-19 numbers rising and it puts me in fear not wanting to go out at all. We can’t live in fear but we still need to be safe. I find myself questioning God’s reason for allowing certain things to happen, but I then realize he didn’t because this next wave it is the people who are not staying safe.

When I need direction I must trust that the Lord will take my faith, limited as it is and make something of lasting value out of it. He cares about our dilemmas, hears our heartfelt cries and will answer us in ways that will astonish us and fill our hearts with songs of joy.

As we head into the last part of this year, whether our doors open or not we still have to prepare for next year. The committee chairs are to get Budget forms from the finance committee. The M & P committee is to start the staff review process which will need to be done over the phone as face to face meetings not recommended. The anniversary committee has been unable to prepare for our 185th Anniversary as things are so up in the air as to when church will re-open.

We have not setup the number of Board meetings for the year as we have just held zoom meetings when something should come up that needs our attention.

I thank everyone who has worked to keep our church going by collecting monies, phone calls to members, zoom meetings and services, fund raising and re-opening concerns.

Please everyone keep safe.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have started a special newsletter to share our experiences: Check out our Sharing Confinement newsletter. Please join in sharing your stories. Invite friends and family to share too. The plan is to publish once a week. Send your story to bucsecretaryis@gmail.com. Deadline for copy each week is Wednesday, for Friday publishing. Look forward to sharing with you!
Rev. Cathy and the pastoral care team will be offering visits via phone and email. Should you need to contact Rev. Cathy, you can do so via email, rev.dilts@burforduc.ca, or by phone, 519.802.1540.
Take care, be well, and God bless. ~ Rev. Cathy Dilts

“A house where love can dwell. . . a house built of hopes and dreams and vision.”

In the middle of luxuriant farm country, Burford United Church meets to celebrate God’s abundant love in word, sacrament, and song.  The church places a high priority on outreach, with its pastoral-care team, active UCW, Sunday School and charitable fund-raising events.

“All are welcome, all are welcome, you most particularly are welcome, in this place!”

Everyone is welcome to come join us in worship every Sunday at 9:30am


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